Monday, February 4, 2008

Care Package Photo Gift Ideas

Want to send something more personal? Here's a list of gifts you can have photos printed on and where you can get them. I've tried to give the link to the place that is least expensive. If you have any more ideas let me know! Most of the links so go directly to the item.
  • Photo rubik's cube - Walmart
  • Travel mug - Walmart
  • Puzzle - Walmart
  • Playing cards - Walmart
  • Photo tin (you could pack cookies or other goodies in it - Walmart
  • Notebooks, these are pretty cool. You can have blank pages, lines, day planner, address book, etc. - Walmart
  • Photo clings - Walgreens
  • Boxer shorts - Walgreens
  • Calendars - nearly all places offered calendars
  • Magnets (to hang on metal racks) - Shutterfly
  • Pillowcase - Walgreens
  • Stickers (to decorate letters/packages) - Photoworks
  • Key chain - Photoworks
The rubik's cube is my favorite. So unexpected! Love it! Pin It