Sunday, March 25, 2012

Recordable Books

Recordable books aren't just for kids anymore.  You can record your own voice or your child's voice reading a book and send it to your solider.  Then when it's the middle of the day over there and you're fast asleep at home and not on Skype your solider can hear your voice whenever they want.  Another option is the recordable gift cards available nearly everywhere.
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Digital Picture Frames

A great way to send pictures to your solider in a fun way is to send them in a digital picture frame.  Pre-load lots of great pictures and if you're really adventurous mix in a few sweet quotes and messages that you've typed up using a photo editing software.  These frames have come down in price in the recent years so price shouldn't be as much of a deterrent as it may have been in the past. You can get a key chain version for as little as $20.

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