Monday, September 22, 2008

Fresh Ideas!!

I've been getting more emails lately and more ideas from people which means people ARE reading this!'s the latest suggestions:

I have a friend that is currently deployed and I’ve been steadily mailing boxes for him and his team. Here are some more ideas for you:

AIR FRESHENERS! This is a big request! Apparently the potties and the tents/barracks smell something fierce! Make sure you suggest that they put these in Zip-Lock bags!


Gold Bond Powder…It’s HOT over there!

Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Pop Tarts

Canned fruit in the flip top cans. Makes it way easier for them to open and they can just “drink” it right out of the little cans.

Hot Sauce (maybe something other than Tabasco Sauce)

Beef Jerky. There must be 20 – 30 different varieties!

Spam (flip top cans) There are a bunch of varieties of this too

Vienna Sausages (flip top cans)

I bag almost everything in Zip-Lock bags. Because the Post Office has the “flat rate” boxes, this really is a huge cost benefit for canned goods and magazines! Don’t forget to include the local news papers…especially their “Local” sections and comics!

Pictures of what the county, township, city or villages are doing to the roads (fix-ups), bridges, trees, buildings, etc.

Pictures of the kids classrooms with pictures, signs and activities for the fathers & mothers that are deployed. They may need permission from teachers/administration before doing this.

Hope this helps.

JuliePS One more thing…encourage everyone to HAND write their notes! Typing or computer generated notes are nice but nothing says genuine and heartfelt like hand written notes!

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Web CRM said...

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Michelle said...

My husband just deployed for the 4th time and I am always clueless as to what to send him.
So, THANK YOU FOR THIS BLOG!!!! Im going to link to you my blog since some of my friends have been asking me what they can send to him.

Kathy said...

Hello! I, too am a military spouse, having endured several deployments. Check out my blog at Many of the ideas are aimed at girlfriends, but can be easily modified. I actually published a book, and update my blog 3 times a week, so lots more ideas coming! One of my books (in production) is Creative & Memorable Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Soldier. Love your site! Kathy

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