Thursday, January 31, 2008

Valentine's Day

I've done a little more thinking about a great Valentine's Day care package and here are a few more ideas I've come up with:
  • Make a puzzle out of a picture of yourself or a love letter. You can have these made at Wal-Mart, Kinkos, etc. Or if you're creative get out the glue, cardboard, and scissors and give it a try!
  • Send red boxers with hearts or lips on them.
  • Hershey's kisses are always a good choice. Write something on the little tags if you're feeling ambitious!
  • Sexy love letters are great. Write one yourself or go to and have them make a free one for you. They have something for everyone from romantic to x-rated!
  • A favorite romantic movie of his.
  • Mixed CD full of love songs.
  • Handmade Valentines
  • A romantic book
  • Personalize M&M's in pink, red, and white.
  • A letter of all the reason you love them.
  • A Victoria's Secret magazine with your face glued on all the models.
  • And last but not least as suggested by my soldier himself.... a pair of clean panties that smell like your laundry or perfume (or maybe a pillowcase if you're a bit shy).
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Jennifer said...

I just packed up a care package for my boyfriend; he's in the Marine Corps and he's at his MOS school.

I put in the box:
-Pink Lemonade Crystal Light (he's always asking for Crystal Light packets for water bottles)
-One of his favourite shows on DVD (to "keep him company" when I can't)
-Handwarmers (he's in a cold location, and I left a note saying it was to "heat things up". His hands get sooo cold).
-A box of v-day cookies
-A pillowcase that smells like me
-A small mailbox. It's filled with hershey's hugs and kisses, and 101 slips of paper, each with a reason that I love him.