Sunday, January 27, 2008

startin out!

Why am I here? Aren't there plenty of sites about care packages? What are you doing? Well, to answer all these questions simply, I have nothing better to do! To tell you a bit about myself, I'm young and engaged to a wonderful man who will be leaving for Iraq in a month. I'm already planning the exciting things I want to send him and I thought I'd share my ideas with other people. Not to mention writing all of this down might help me decompress a bit.

Where do I start? Jake's been gone for about a month now. He's stationed in Georgia doing his mobilization training. He's a member of Indiana's 76th with the National Guard. His spirits are up, but to be honest mine aren't the best right now. I'm feeling lonely and since he recently broke his phone my only way of contacting him is through mail. I've sent a few things already. Mostly just things he requested, like a new pair of headphones, a book, and hand sanitizer (they sometimes go nearly a week between showers, yuck). Nothing too ambitions or really thoughtful, but it was something to start with.

I'm starting my Valentine's Day package. So far it has:
  • A cheesy card that plays music when you open it (he'll probably hate it)
  • Some homemade cookies (heart shaped with sprinkles)
  • Some of his favorite candy (Mike n Ikes)
  • Bubble Yum bubble gum

He loves crossword puzzles, so I thought about making up some games from You can add in your own words to make fun puzzles and games that are personalized. The crossword I'm working on might be a little hard for him. My clues are kind of tricky (my favorite part of you: eyes). They aren't necessarily things I've mentioned before, but he's smart. I bet he can figure it out! Pin It


Anonymous said...

im glad you made this because my fiance leaves in a few months and im starting to miss him already. planning his care packages help me and you have some really good ideas thank you.

Esther said...

Just a heads up:

We got this word from our battalion Postmaster. They X-ray the packages that get sent over there. We were told to not send or have the musical cards sent to us because they look suspicious in the X-ray, and will subject the package to search. This could lead it to get a full-inspection as well as the package getting significantly delayed.

I would hate to see your package not make it's destination and not make your sweetheart. Figured I would give you the heads up.

Hope all goes well for you.