Sunday, March 30, 2008

American A-Z

American A-Z:
A- Individual Apple Pies
B- Baseball: baseball
C- Chocolate chip cookies
D- Dog: picture of his dog or a little stuffed one
E- Eagle
F- Family: picture of the family
G- Grapes: grape flavored anything
H- Home: be creative and send something to remind him of home
I- Ice cream: ice cream candy or freeze dried ice cream
J- Jump rope
K- Kite
L- Laughter: make a recording of you laughing at a funny show/joke/movie
M- Maple syrup?: send a little bottle of maple syrup
N- Naked...just kidding Nature: send him leaves or something from outside that they wouldn't have in all that sand!
O- Ouch!: Send bandaids and antibiotic ointment
P- Popsicles: if he has access to a freezer send those freezie pops or Peaches: send little canned peaches
Q- Quiet: Send a peaceful book or earplugs
R- Rainbows
S- Sunshine: send sunglasses or suncreen
T- Texas: send playing cards or something with the Texas flag or Tootie rolls
U- United States
V- Vacation: send him brochures of places you'd like to go when he gets back for him to look at.
W- Wishing: if you have a wishbone send it or put some of your wishes down on paper for him to read or Water guns
X- XL: send him an XL hug or kiss
Y- Yoyo
Z- Zoo: send animal crackers

If you have any better suggestions for letters please write them in the comments! This was just what I could come up with quickly :) Pin It

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Anonymous said...

American A-Z:
A- Individual Apple Pies B-Baseball: Plastic or nerf baseball and bat C- cotton candy in a bag, chocolate chip cookies, D- Ding Dong Hostess Cakes E- F- Flags, Nerf Footballs, G-Gatorade powder H- Hot Dogs(Vienna Sausages(chicken)) I-Ice Cream -The astronaut Ice Cream someone else mentioned J- Jokes, jelly bean ( red white and blue ) K- Kool Aide mix, Kellog’s cereals L- M- mac n cheese N- O- Oreos P- poker cards/chips,phone card to call home, Mr Potato Head, popcorn Q- Q-tips R- Racing: Die Cast Cars, Schedules from Race Tracks, Ritz crackers S-Sunflower Seeds, Soldiers (Toy Soldiers), slinky T- tea for sun tea, twinkies, taco bell sauce U-Unity: Photos showing people's support of our soldiers(signs in yards, etc) V- volley ball and net W- watermelon flavored hard candy X- Y- yo yos, yellow mustard Z- zingers