Sunday, April 13, 2008

Birthday Ideas

I recently received an email full of birthday ideas! Enjoy!
I’m an avid reader of spousebuzz and came across your link there. My fiancé is deployed to Iraq and I was having a hard time trying to figure out what to send him for his birthday. To help anyone else I thought I would share what I sent….

  • Candles- he was turning 24 so I put 24 in a plastic bag (did not include lighter) I knew his roommate had one, didn’t think you could ship lighters anyways
  • Balloons- he said the guys had a good time blowing them up and playing volleyball, ect. with them
  • Cake- betty crocker makes individual microwaveable cakes- just add water, put in microwave and tada! Comes with caramel or icing.
  • DVD- with me and his friends singing happy birthday to him, and left personal notes on it
  • Wrapped presents- this would vary

I thought about doing a “theme” sending over cups, plates, food, hats, table cloth…. but I thought it might be to much. May be good for someone else though?

Thanks for keeping your blog, what a great idea!


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ABW said...

First deployment to Iraq I sent a pinata. Found a smiley face with a green hat, pinned on some rank, and they hung it off the tank and went to town. They had a blast doing it and let the kids get the candy.

Jessica said...

last year for his B-day i took B&W photos of our dogs with b-day hats on and cupcakes. we put up b-day banners, lit candles, everything. the photos came out great!

Nicole said...

What cute ideas! I love them :)

I could take pictures of myself in a birthday hat and everything because my birthday is the month before his so it'd work out perfectly! :)

Anonymous said...

another neat thing I found was cake in a jar! get pint wide mouth canning jars put 1 cup of batter in it after sprayin it with oil. bake for 30min on directed heat and when they come out cap them while its still warm.. the heat leaving the jar will vaccum seal... put store bought icing in the box and let your soldier got to town on foasting.. My BFs birthday is in a few weeks ound this online thought it was really neat it like really sended home to them!

military caps said...

There are certainly a lot of details like that to take into consideration. That’s a great point to bring up