Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Reminders of care

"Tucked inside this little bag
When your spirits are starting to sag
Are some little reminders that I care
As you fight for freedom over there."

Toothpick: To help you pick out the good in every situation you encounter.
Hugs and Kisses(Hershey's Hugs and Kisses): Because sometimes we all need a "hug and kiss"
Paper clip: to help you "keep it together" when it all seems to be hitting the fan.
Marble: To replace "the ones we all lose" from time to time.
Snickers: To remind you to "laugh" even when you feel like crying.
Rubber Band: To help you be flexible and "bounce back" in times of trouble without breaking.
Stick of Gum: To remind you to "stick" with the task at hand.
Mint: To let you know you're worth a "mint" to me.
Cotton Ball: To help "cushion" the rough times.
Lollipop: To help you "lick" the problems you encounter.
Star Burst: To let you know I'm "bursting" with pride for you.
Nut: To remind you to relax and get a little "nutty" sometimes.
Tootsie Roll: To remind you of the important "roll" you play.
Lifesaver: To signify the "lifesaving" things you do to keep our country free.

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Anonymous said...

this is what i have been looking for or trying 2 come up with as i lay in bed one night ~ i was a councelor for a sleep away camp & they did something like this lOVE the idea... who is the poem by dont want 2 *JOCK* it.. lilskichic16 thats my myspace if anyone knows thankS <3