Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sexy items for a private care package from wife/gf

Here are some ideas for one of my LYC girls:

I bought some X-rated heart candies (you know the Valentine's conversation hearts that say stuff like "Be Mine" and stuff..yeah, these said some other things...)

I made some chocolate and vanilla "kitties" on a stick with an insinuating little note attached about him eating them. They were wrapped in pink cellophane and tied with red ribbon. It wasn't hot there at the time so it didn't melt. He thought the edible "kitties" were hilarious.

I got some underwear for him and I put on some dark lipstick and I kissed them all over...mostly in THAT area...I put them in a plastic bag with my perfume sprayed on them and a pink notecard with "Guess what I've been thinking about?" on it.

I got him a sleeve for his special alone time and some lube.

Gummy handcuffs with a dirty little story about how we'd use the real thing.

3 or 4 erotic letters in individual envelopes, each scented with my perfume.

Some private pix on CD for his computer.

Red Hots that were in a package labeled something like "Sex Pills" or something like that, can't was funny but I can't remember what the label said.

A pair of my panties in a plastic baggie.

A pillowcase with an iron on of me in a sexy pose so we could still "sleep together" even though we couldn't.

Coupons for dirty deeds he could cash in when he got home. Yes, he's cashed them ALL in by now.

Boobie cookies.

I also took some obscure, hard to identify pix of various body parts and numbered them. If he was able to identify them, he got good, recognizable pix of those parts. It was kind of like a puzzle/game/brain teaser/other part teaser thing

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Meagan said...

What are "boobie cookies"??

Web CRM said...

I am impressed by the millitary.

SrayN said...

did you package it discreetly??